Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Global Effort & An Eventful Month For Britain

In lieu of the British bombings on July 21, police have conducted mass raids on suspected homes. They have made many arrests, capturing suspected terrorists and would be suicide bombers. In custody now are all four of the suspects in last weeks bombings. The huge effort by Scotland Yard helped put away these dirtbags.

However, Britain was aided in capturing one of the suspects. One of the bombers had managed to flee London and make it to Italy. Police are still investigating how he was able to do this, especially because his picture was everywhere. Anyway, through cell phone tracking, authorities picked him up in Italy and 40 armed police officers arrested him. They are currently talking to him to get some information before Britain does their interrogation.

It is good to see widespread cooperation in fighting the war on terror. Without the global effort, this sick bastard would have probably made to to a safe haven, considering he went through a few countries, and began plotting another attack. Nations need to continue this global effort for the crackdown on terror to be 100% successful.

On a similar note, this has been one extremely eventful month in London. First comes the 7/7 bombings, killing over 50 and injuring more than 700. After these attacks, British leaders urge their nation to remain calm and help them in their fight. Next came the innocent tourist who was shot to death in a subway station after failing to submit to police orders; he was wearing a heavy coat and backpack which raised police suspicions. This put Britain under the microscope. Then the 7/21 failed bombings. British leaders continue to urge Muslims and others to report any information. Scotland Yard released the photos of the suspects a day later at a press conference. Scotland Yard's heavy raids lead to many arrests. One week later all four suspects from 7/21 are taken into custody, signifying a major victory.

If that news didn't make Britain happy enough, the IRA has promised to lower their arms and give up their terrorist ways. They have stated that they will turn to strictly peaceful means to accomplish political goals. In response to this promise by the IRA, Britain has pulled back some posts in Ireland.

Britain has faced low points this July, but through resilience and determination, has been able to turn their situation in the positive direction. However, they can't become laid back, they must still remain vigilant. I still dislike Livingstone, and am skeptical about Blair, but I feel I must commend Blair's composure and how he has handled things the past few weeks.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Cameras Are A Great Thing

Last Friday, Britain released photos taken from British surveillance footage from their subway stations and on the bus in which the bombs failed to detonate properly. After only one week of heavy British raids and hard work, all four suspects from the 7/21 events have been taken into custody, as well as many other suspected terrorist plotters and supporters.

Britain's system of security has proven itself to one that works when trying to capture terrorists. So how come in places like NYC have no cameras been installed. In lieu of 7/7 and 7/21, NYC finally announced last Saturday plans to spending between $150-$250 mil on new security cameras for their stations. The MTA also has received a few bids already from companies looking for the large contract. Something that I am curious about is why it took so long for cameras to be installed in the first place. While London has over 6,000 of these, NY has less than 20. Did they think that terrorists were not going to bomb trains? They did in Spain in 2004.

These cameras are proven to work and still are the best way to monitor train stations, in addition to some police presence.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I Want Your Opinion

Right now in the midst of summer, my local town is holding a local fair. This may seem normal, but beneath the surface there is something which will no doubt cause some .

My local paper printed a front-page article, which revealed that a sex offender, from many years ago, is working there as a caricaturist. I did not read the article in depth, but apparently he was deemed to have served his time and is entitled to make a living. I'm not sure if this was brought to court, but if it hasn't, I'm sure someone will. For those of you who do not know, in Brick Township, there is a new law that bans sex offenders from residence.

There are many cops there, and I'm sure that nothing will happen, but I want to hear your opinions.