Monday, September 26, 2005

I Love Sundays

for now...

The Greatest Team In NFL History, The Miami Dolphins beat Carolina 27-24 on Sunday afternoon on a field goal with 4 seconds left in the game. 2-1 record ties them in 1st place in the AFC East with the Patriots.

Let me ask one question---- does anybody watch the f****n tapes?! The Patriots have so many game winning field goals from under 2 minutes to go in the game. The winning drive consists of 10-15 yd passes on every play. And everytime, it seems that the opposing team plays loose coverage against the receivers, leaving them open to get the first down and run out of bounds. The only team that stopped them was the Dolphins last year, pulling out a huge upset to beat them thanks to good, tight coverage leading to an interception which essentially ended the game. A message to other teams: watch the f****n tapes!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I read on the bottom of CNBC tonight that the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to confirm John Roberts tomorrow. Personally, I think Roberts meets all the crudentials needed and I have just slight differences on views. The Committee bashed him the entire time, and like in all aspects of politics, made him look bad. He maintained himself however and looks to reap the reward of becoming the next Chief Justice.

I am still open on the online pool for the next nomination.

Monday, September 12, 2005

A 9/11 In NYC

This year was the first year that I voyaged the 1 hour train ride into Manhattan. Usually, my father and I take NJ Transit to Newark Penn Station and from there take the PATH to the WTC station. I have gone to Ground Zero every year, but this time was different. We did not go to the WTC. We went to 9th Street on the PATH.

Today is the time I reflect; the notorious "what if" questions come to mind. About a week or so before 9/11, I was at the top, the Windows Of The World, my father and sisters among the many who went to the sky. We gazed across the city on a perfect blue sun shined day, we were on top of the world. Alas, it was an experience, that I look back upon with admiration, because it was the only time I visited the Towers (BTW, I have a 100% fear of heights). When 9/11 came round and the soulless terrorists destroyed NY, I could only wonder, "what if this happened a week earlier?" apparently, it was not my time to go, I was fated to live.

My uncle (not Beak), worked at the building directly next to the Twin Towers and was there when the planes hit. Immediately after the first plane hit, he fled the scene, not really knowing what was going on until later. I didn't know that the building he worked in was so close to the Towers until we went back to Ground Zero. FYI, his building was one that remained intact, less the windows. Fortunately, everyone in my family and close family friends were safe.

From 9/11, we have learned the frailty of life, morality, humanity. We as a nation have learned grief in the hardest way, and we should never forget what happened. We learned unity to the truest extent- people in the Midwest, south, west, southwest, and any other spot, felt the pain that NY, NJ, PA, and even CT did and showed an outstretched arm of compassion.

I urge everyone to live everyday to the fullest, whether it bring you joy to see a movie, climb Everest, or write music. Because now we have proof that something unexpected can happen on any given day; 9/11 up until 2001, was just an ordinary day.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Here It Is

Chief Justice William Rhenquist passed late Saturday night after battling thyroid cancer for some time now.

His death now opens another seat, something we all knew would happen either this year or the next. The battle will rage on, and behind the scenes, I think there is already a stirr among the Democrats & Republicans.